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Email Quota

If you're viewing this article, chances are you've received an email from our (Tomahawk Technologies) email system/server (sender: mailer-daemon@tomahawk.ca) indicating that you have reached 80% of your allowed quota and that you should empty your mailbox.

*Note: To view your current email quota usage login to your email account at mail.tomahawk.ca and go to Tools > Accounts.

The most common reasons why this may have happened and how to fix them are:

  • Your email account is setup on the server to forward email received to another email address, in addition to being configured to leave a copy of the forwarded email on the server. Resulting in a large amount of email accumulating over time. This can be fixed by logging into your account at mail.tomahawk.ca and selecting Tools > Options > Forwarder.

  • Your email account is setup in an email program (i.e. Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail) to download messages from our server, in addition to leaving a copy of the downloaded email on the server. Again, resulting in a large amount of email accumulating over time. This can be fixed by going into your account settings through the email program you're using and changing the leave a copy of email on server settings. For specific instructions on finding these settings you may need to check the help documentation of the email program provider you're using. Generally these settings can be found within the server settings or more options area of your email program.

    For example, in Microsoft Outlook the settings are under Tools > Account Settings > View or Change existing > Change > More Settings > Advanced > Delivery.

    In Mozilla Thunderbird the settings are under Tools > Account Settings > Server Settings > Leave a message on server.

  • You may just have a large amount of email that you prefer to keep on the email server for various reasons such as having all your email accessible no matter where you are over the internet, a backup of all your email stored off-site, etc.

    Although we understand some clients have this need, we don't have the same email related infrastructure that large Internet Service Providers (i.e. Bell, Rogers) or Email Service Providers (i.e. Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail) have. Because of this we are limited on how much server space and bandwidth we can realistically allow each user on the email server to occupy. If you require additional email space on the email server long term, an additional email storage hosting packages can be purchased. Currently a 1 GB package is available for $5/month.

By default the quota limit for users has been set to 500 MB, though your specific allowed quota maybe higher depending on if you were grandfathered in and/or were already paying for additional email storage.

For example your account may have been using 800 MB of storage when the 500 MB limit was put into affect. If so your account would have been given additional quota space (within reason, usually an additional 200MB on top of your current disk space usage) as to not immediately stop email delivery to your inbox, and instead warn you that you're nearing your allowed quota and give you time to address the issue.

To view your specific email quota usage login to your email account at mail.tomahawk.ca and go to Tools > Accounts.

Please email support@tomahawk.ca should have any questions or require assistance.

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