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MSSQL2008 DB mirroring

SQL Server Mirroring setup

Create database on MSSQL2008
Settings should be Backup="Full" and "Auto Close"=false (under properties)

Backup the database, and transaction log (2 backup events, to the same backup file)
Copy resulting file to MSSQL2008-2 (for restore)

Restore database on MSSQL2008-2
 - do this twice, once for data and once for transaction log
   - option: force overwrite
   - option: leave database non-operationl (RESTORE WITH NORECOVERY)

On principal (MSSQL2008) right click and select Tasks -> Mirror...
  Click "Configure Security"

  Default options apply
  Principal server: MSSQL2008
  Secondary server: MSSQL2008-2
  Witness server: WEB01-W2K8

  Service accounts:
  For all (principal, secondary, witness):  tt-onsite\sqlserver

  Selelct through to "Finish"

Database should appear as:
  DATABASE_NAME (Principal, Synchronized) -- on MSSQL2008
  DATABASE_NAME (Resotring...)  or  (Mirror, Synchronized / Restoring) -- on MSSQL2008-2

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