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General SMTP Settings

SMTP Servers:
AllStream: outbox.allstream.net
Rogers: smtp.broadband.rogers.com (requires authentication)
Sympatico: smtp1.sympatico.ca
Bell Business: smtp10.bellnet.ca
RipNet: mail.ripnet.com

Standard Mail Ports:
SMTP Standard: 25
SMTP Secure: 465
POP3 Standard: 110
POP3 Secure: 995

General Information:
SMTP is outoging email. When you create an email message and click Send, the email is shown in your outbox. This email is then forwarded to your providers SMTP server. From there it is sent to the appropriate server end for delivery.

POP3 is incoming email. This email is spooled by your provider, and is downloaded by your email client. Since it is spooled (stored) on the providers server you can usually use some sort of web based email tool to manipulate email on the server.

IMAP is incoming email. Like POP3, IMAP is email that is spooled on your providers mail server. The key difference is that IMAP is always stored on the server until you select to delete and then purge the email. POP3 usually downloads and removed the messages off the server (however, this can be overridden).

Using your providers SMTP Server:
You should use your Internet service providers SMTP server to send email. The reason for this is that many providers have started locking down their networks. This is due mostly to the fact that viruses,
trojans, and worms of today have built in SMTP servers. These rogue programs will run an SMTP server behind the scenes on your computer that will constantly send out spam email to the world.

Using a providers SMTP server forces email to be filtered by tools that will not allow spam emails to be distributed. Many providers were listed as spammers due to the past activity on their networks and were forced to go this route.

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